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The main points of the plastic cup making machine during installation and use

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During the installation and use of the plastic cup making machine, in order to ensure that the drive operates at normal temperature, attention should be paid to the connection.

During the installation and use of the plastic cup making machine, in order to ensure that the drive operates at normal temperature, attention should be paid to the connection line to ensure that the correct signal can be turned on to ensure the normal operation of the servo; due to the use of different machines。 In the same way, in order to ensure the normal operation of the servo, the servo control mode should be set correctly。 According to the actual operation results, correctly pair the data, do not set the electronic positioning and gear running ratio data in the case of servo and motor operation。 To prevent interference and electric shock, ensure that the motor drive interface is grounded and the drive and housing are properly connected。 As far as possible, the data signal line is selected to be connected to the interface end of the housing。 To prevent signal interference and to prevent interference and control signals from the coded source, it is necessary to maintain a sufficient distance。


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