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Introduction to several technical requirements of the sheet machine

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We know that a sheet machine is a machine that processes, heats, extrudes, and plasticizes plastic materials such as PE, PET, PVC, or starch-based materials...
We know that a sheet machine is a machine that processes, heats, extrudes, and plasticizes plastic materials such as PE, PET, PVC, or starch-based materials. The sheet after molding of these raw materials will be molded into a plastic product by positive pressure or negative pressure blistering.
For the sheet machine, the formed sheet needs to be uniform and thin, which requires the following technical requirements:
The first is that the pressure of the screw die must be consistent.
The second is the processing of raw materials, which requires high synchronism of the three rolls and high-precision response characteristics.
The third type is relative to the high-speed model, that is, the kind of 40 meters per minute, the feeder frame and the three rollers must be kept at the same speed。
The fourth type is to automatically form a roll of a certain diameter when winding, which can be used in the next process.
         The above is the introduction of the technical requirements of the sheet machine。 These four technical requirements will determine whether the sheet of the sheet machine is uniform in thickness, smooth in surface, and free of streaks。


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